I. What is the online school like?

The online school is a system of educational materials you deal  with actively and learn by solving the tasks with the help of online teachers. The tasks consist of listening, writing, grammar and speaking exercises, which means you will be constantly in contact with your teacher, who will answer all your questions. It is not necessary to install any other additional software on your computer for the training. Having Internet and Skype, as well as a microphone and a set of headphones is just enough for the purpose. Here you can find some sample exercises which will give you an idea of how to use the online materials: examples

If somehow you still have certain difficulties, the teacher will help you because during the lessons you will be in constant contact with him/her through Skype.

II. Registration

To enroll in an online course, please follow the steps listed below:

1. To go further on to enrollment, click here: create account.

2. Write your username and a password of your choice. You will receive a confirmation of your registration at the online school by e-mail. Attention! This does not mean yet that you have been listed for a course.

3. In order to be listed for a course, please, specify in the field “Administrative code” which course you would like to book by writing the first four letters of the course name. They are written out in capital letters (e.g. for German 1 they are GER 1).

4. Pay the fee by bank transfer or by credit card, the payment itself could be made at any bank. The recipient of the payment is:

            'Davitoz' Ltd

          Reiffeisen Bank -Bourgas

          BIC: R2BBBGSF

          BGN: BG33RZBB91551086356410

          EURO: BG74RZBB91554486356410


After effecting your payment you will receive a confirmation of your subscription to the course by e-mail.

Having registered for individual training, make an appointment for the hours and the start dates by Skype, Skype name: davitozonline.

In order to attend a free trial training session, please click here: TRIAL LESSON

 III. Levels and prices

You can get information about the levels of the online language center here in order to check your language level: levels

          German Placement Test

          Spanish Placement Test

IV. Types of courses

You can choose between individual and group online courses.

The group courses take place in fixed times, specified in the course schedule. The price of a language level is 120 EUR. The price includes two check-up tests, the final test, and the issuing of a certificate of completion. The course types are:

 intensive course - 3 times a week 2 school hours. (6 weeks for a level)

an intensive course - 2 times a week 3 school hours. (6 weeks for a level)

a regular speed course– 2 times a week of 2 school hours (9 weeks for a level)

The individual courses are designed for participants that have preferences concerning the time and the speed of going through the course. Their price is 4 EUR per school hour (40 minutes). One language level costs 144 EUR. The price includes two check-up tests, the final test and the certificate of completion. The individual training lasts according to preferences:

- 6 weeks for a level in intensive training – 3 times a week of 2 school hours

- 6 weeks for a level in intensive training – 2 times a week of 3 school hours

- 9 weeks for a level in non-intensive training – 2 times a week of 2 school hours

The course could be speeded up according to your needs.

Thematically the courses are divided into 3 types:

The courses end up with carrying out a test and issuing a certificate for a passed level.

To go further on to registration, please click here: account.

If you have uncertainties or questions you can contact us at:

         Tel. 00359 56/ 82 73 01

          GSM: 00359 89 997 8893

          Skype: davitozonline